Welcome to the MWA Web Site.

A focal point of contact, communication, support and promotion for serving and former members of the Royal Navy’s Minewarfare community within the UK and abroad.

Our Objectives

  • To organise a reunion for members once a year.
  • To support regional events.
  • To promote links and maintain comradeship between members and to keep the ‘Minewarfare Spirit’ alive.
  • To develop identity based MW Association merchandise. 


If you haven't joined yet - download the membership application by clicking on the scroll:

You may need Adobe Reader to view this file, if you haven't got it yet, it can be downloaded here

The Association provides a superb forum within which members can discuss issues of common interest, and share their experiences. Many members find this the most gratifying of all the benefits the Association has brought to its membership.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Exclusive online content and resources
  • Networking Opportunities
  • A support system
  • Free or discounted events
  • Up to date news
  • Exclusive MWA merchandise

Join the Minewarfare Association Today!

Are you are serving, or have you served as an Officer, Senior or Junior Rating in the Royal Navy qualified as a Minewarfare specialist?

Have you served in the RNR and been involved with minewarfare? Have you served the MW Branch from industry or in any other way?

Then why not why not join the Minewarfare Association...

  1.  Full Membership.
    • Full Membership is open to serving and ex serving Officers and Senior ratings that have completed either a Minewarfare Officers or Petty Officer Minewarfare Professional Qualifying Course, and Ex Serving Ratings that have completed a Minewarfare Professional Qualifying Course. 
    • Full Membership may also be awarded by the Committee to any RNR Officer or Senior Rate who qualifies for Associate Membership but has also completed a minimum period of 6 months' full time service with either a RN MW Battle Staff in a theatre of operations or in a Mine Warfare FTRS assignment. Each application will be considered by the committee on a case by case basis. 
  2. Associate Membership. Associated Membership is open to Serving and Ex Serving RNR Officers and ratings and to any other persons who has completed either the RN AMW Course, or the RNR MCM Staff Course. 
  3.  Honorary Membership. Honorary membership is at the discretion of the committee awarded to Servicemen, RNR’s or Civilians who have not completed any of the above courses but whose services to the Association or to the Minewarfare branch deserve such recognition 
  4. Life Membership. Members who reach the age of 60, and having been an Association Member for a period of 5 uninterrupted years, may request Life Membership. Annual subscriptions are waived for members awarded Life Membership. 

Benefits of Membership

On admission, members are entitled to a copy of the Constitution and a Minewarfare Association lapel pin. Membership also entitles the member full access to the Minewarfare Association website, with full read/write permissions granted to the relevant areas of the web site.

They are also entitled to receive notices of forthcoming events.

Members may also recieve discount for tickets to events organised by the association.


Membership Fee

The current annual membership fee is £12, payable by Standing Order.

You can download an application and bank standing order form here:

Simply print it out and send it to the address given on the application.  (needs Adobe Reader)