2020 AGM


Like everyone in the world effected by the covid-19 situation, we are having to change the way we hold our AGM this year. Therefore we are attempting to do this online by enabling members to consume the content of the AGM in small chunks and allow voting and comment to be submitted via the form in the last step.

We may need another follow-up phase later, but for now please read the sections below followed by completing the voting form below.

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1. Opening Remarks – Chairman

Gentlemen, Welcome to the first online interactive MWA Annual General Meeting (AGM).
A lot has happened since our last meeting, we are in very changing times. I did not 12 months ago think I would be here as chairman giving the opening address and certainly not at a distance.
Firstly can I offer thanks to our previous chairman Dixie for his valiant efforts, sound guidance and sage advice over recent years. His chairmanship has been an inspiration to all of us. As I am sure you are well aware he retired reluctantly due to ill health and so he could concentrate on treatment. I remain in regular contact with him, and pleased to say he remains upbeat which is not easy in these unprecedented times with the thought of sharing a tot with you guy’s at the next reunion driving him along. I am sure you will join me in wishing him well with the ongoing treatment and ensuring we have a pint waiting for him when he’s ready.
I would also like to record my personal thanks to all the committee for their continued work to keep the association ticking over. Special thanks must go to George Turnbull who not only went to great lengths to organise this year’s reunion but also a standby venue as the virus kicked in, only to find they were both scuppered at the last minute. Oh yes and whilst he was doing all this he also assisted before finally taking over from Dixie the MWA input into Project Vernon. A busy year for George while he als