2022 webmaster report

This has been an extremely busy period for the webmaster. The website suffered a database corruption, which meant the web site had limited functionality for a period of about two months.

You never get to see the behind the scenes work but it was pretty intense, going through the hundreds of lines of error logs to identify which files needed to be fixed.

However this also enabled the website to be updated and cleansed at the same time allowing some optimization to speed the site up considerably.

The last few weeks have then been spent testing and tweaking, which occasionally meant the site being temporarily inoperative. By the time this AGM closes the work will largely have been completed, apart from the normal regular maintenance of checking the security and file integrity.

All things being equal the website should continue uninterrupted for some time to come.

AS per the 12 July, the site integrity is sound with no issues:

Also our 3rd party security software is doing what it should, keeping our information and data secure:

The backbone of the web site is the content. With the webmaster now living abroad, it is now more important to keep lines of communication open. The online committee meetings are just one aspect. 

I believe it is important to have a dedicated news/media coordinator, who has his finger on the pulse and is a strong communicator. I will be raising this in AOB, but if you think this is something you would like to be a part of, contact me at webmaster@mwassociation, or the chairman at chairman@mwassociation.co.uk


Ronnie Barker (webmaster)