G’day Shipmates!

G’day shipmates!

Andy Perry, a WOMW with the Australian Navy got in touch and proposed the idea of opening links and affiliations between our Associations.

They have recently reinvigorated the Australian MW Association (Sep 17) and facebook sites.

Our two nations have a rich history of working together, and basically, the majority of our way of doing business has been modelled from ours! This continues today with exchange postings and supplementation with your UKMCM deployed units.

A link between our Associations may provide a process for establishing and maintaining relationships between MW ratings (UK & AUS) and allow members from both nations to stay in touch from the other side of the globe.

In addition, they have gracefully extended a welcome to any members going to Australia (on holiday or work) who would be very welcome to join us for any social events that might be occurring at that time. An affiliative relationship between our Associations could lead to a very positive outcome.

Check out their sites and feel free to drop Andy your thoughts…

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