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HI all members, I hope this post finds you all still well and you are looking forward to coming out of these resrictions. Iam usr …
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Dixies Funeral Update

Gentlemen I had hoped to give this update on receipt of the Funeral Directors order of services, however I am aware that many of you would …
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MWA YouTube Channel

During the Covid-19 pandemic you may have spent some time browsing YouTube for interesting content. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe …
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AGM Results Are In!

Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to give you a post AGM report with the results of the voting and the comments received using the online …
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MWA 2020 Online AGM

Hello to you all, I hope this finds you all safe and well. As I mentioned in my last Chairman’s update, the Covid 19 lockdown …
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