MWA Dit Sessions – Spring 2019

MWA Dit Sessions – Spring 2019

Guys, building on the good support and variety of sessions last term, below are the dates and meeting places to start off the Spring 2019 programme. As always the aim of these sessions is to build upon one of our main MWA objectives “To promote links and maintain comradeship between members keeping the Minewarfare Spirit alive”. We can only do this by you supporting the sessions even if only to drop in occasionally! I look forward to washing the dust of the day away with you all soon Taff R.

Dates and Venues Jan – Mar 2019

31 Jan 19 – The Maritime Club Portsmouth 1930

28 Feb 19 – “The Crown” Fareham 1930

22/23 Mar 10 – Main Annual Reunion at HMS Nelson. See Reunion page for details

All timings are approximate you are welcome to start earlier!

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