As we now enter into 2020 (our 12th year) under the Helm of current Chairman Taff Reader along with the financial control of Treasurer George Turnbull, the association continues to adapt to the ever increasing membership. While the number of Ex serving members continue to grow, we reach out further to and increasing the number of serving members through our membership secretary Sean Slee who is also currently serving. Our website which holds an excellent variety of information and photos of Minewarfare past and present is currently being upgraded by our webmaster Ronnie Barker. To add to this the Association Facebook Page managed by Shaun Keen continues to provide instant communication between the memberships.

unfortunately our usual March date for our reunion had to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also sadly we lost two of our past MW Senior Rates in the form of Cas Rawlins and MWA member Tony Bassett, both who will be sorely missed.

The pandemic was also responsible for a subdued unveiling of the Mine Warfare and Diving monument at HMS Vernon. However our intrepid member Rob Hoole provided excellent online coverage and it was covered extensively on FB and local news.

The MWA remains as strong as ever to achieve its objectives of:

a. To organise a reunion for members once a year.

b. To support regional events where possible.

c. To promote links and maintain comradeship between members and to keep the ‘Minewarfare Spirit’ alive.

d. To develop identity based MW Association merchandise