Minewarfare Monument

Minewarfare Monument

Mine Warfare is a multi faceted and ever challenging role. With an incredibly diverse and well embodied workforce maintaining sea lines of communications in both domestic and international fields as well as a plethora of additional international engagements. To this end we, the Mine Warfare Association, would like to fund a monument embodying the fighting spirit of all personnel who have past, present and will in the future be involved in Mine Warfare.

Consisting of a truly iconic Mk17 sea mine at the National Memorial Arboretum https://www.thenma.org.uk/ in Staffordshire. A UK registered charity and 150-acre visitor site on the edge of the National Forest. Part of the Royal British Legion, but a separate legal body, that exists to ensure that:

  • the unique contribution of those who have served and sacrificed is never forgotten
  • the baton of Remembrance is passed on through the generations 
  • there is a year-round space to celebrate lives lived and commemorate lives lost.

The Arboretum welcomes over 300,000 visitors to site each year, including over 20,000 young people for formal and informal learning visits. Visitors can enjoy discovering almost 400 memorials nestled amongst some 25,000 trees, experience riverside walks and participate in a wide variety of daily activities:guided walks, land train tours, memorial talks, exhibitions and buggy tours.

Each year around 250 events take place on site, from small intimate services of Remembrance to set piece events like Armistice Day, Remembrance Sunday, a summer proms and Armed Forces Day. 

The Donations towards this project will provide all ongoing administration, grounds works and transport costs for the project. As part of our fund raising strategy, we have created a Go Fund Me page to enable an easy way to make donations. But more events are planned for the future which it is hoped the Association will ensure continued support toward this most honorable gesture to our branches legacy and future.

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  1. Vaughan (Nobby) Clarke says:

    Hi Members just interested in the Mine Warfare Monument, when was this discussed and approved. and how much needs to be raised ? Regards Nobby.

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