The MWA Standard at the Weymouth Armed Forces Day Parade 2019

The MWA Standard at the Weymouth Armed Forces Day Parade 2019

The MWA Standard was again paraded at the 2019 Weymouth Armed Forces Day Parade. Unfortunately due to a foot injury Topsy Toner, was unable to parade the standard so John (Jan) Harvey stepped into the breach at very short notice. After some intensive training from Topsy Toner and Sam Cook, Jan marched alongside Sam who was bearing the TON Class Association Standard.

Both Jan and Sam were supported on the sidelines by Jim McLeod, Topsy Toner, Karen Miller (wife of Dusty Miller who was at sea), Ray (Stan) Standley and Dixie Dean.

The weather was kinder this year with temperatures at a reasonable level and the rain held off for the duration of the parade.

It was a proud moment for all to see the standard paraded again and I know that Jan was very apprehensive at the start. However, there was no need. Jan did a fantastic job representing the MWA at this high profile event. Having read some of the comments on Facebook I know Jan’s family are very proud of him and justly so.

Thanks to Topsy and Sam for all their advice and guidance to Jan and to all the supporters on the day. The biggest thanks must go to Jan for stepping in at short notice.

Well done Jan, you made us proud to be part of the MWA.

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  1. Taff Bow says:

    BZ the pair of you.

  2. webmaster says:

    Gutted I couldn’t make it! I am in no doubt whatsoever that you all had a great time!

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