2021 Reunion News!

2021 Reunion News!

Hi all.
I  just thought that I would take the opportunity to “Freshen the Nip” regarding our long awaited reunion which is due to take place on the 25th of September this year. 

It’s been a long time coming and I am sure that many of you would like to be able to enjoy a drink with your “old oppos” and spin those dits again and of course, if you haven’t already seen it, visit the “Vernon” monument which has pride of place in our old Alma Mater, now known as Gunwharf Quays.

Application for your reunion ticket is quite easy,  follow the instructions on the attached proforma, make your bank transfer, payable to the “Minewarfare  Association”  Send the completed proforma by email to me and your ticket will  be forwarded by return.  Those wishing to pay by cheque, simply send your cheque and proforma to the treasurer’s address listed on the form and again, your ticket will be forwarded or you can collect it on the night.

To use an old cliche:  Don’t delay, get your tickets today and look forward to (hopefully) seeing you soon.

All the best and keep safe.

George Turnbull


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