Black Tot Day 31st July 21

Black Tot Day 31st July 21

The black tot anniversary is to celebrate the sad loss of the issue of the tot of rum on 31st July 1970 ending 200years of tradition.

Some serving and veteran Minewarfare  personnel ventured from their abodes far and wide to the meeting place of the Corner House Public house on Portland in Dorset.

The main organiser of this event is Ray Standley, whose blood is 50% rum (so he tells me). We would all like to thank him and his lovely wife Karen for their hospitality and what they did for a great weekend.

The pipe for up spirits to alert those present was sounded expertly and the first tot went to the (supposed) oldest veteran in the pub.  What they were not aware of was that two of our group had beaten this youngster by two years! So apologies to Sam Cook and Jan Harvey. Too late for a “stewards inquiry” as the offending rum had been consumed with delight.

After many a dit and the odd shanty there was a brilliant auction for items brought in by the locals and ourselves.  This was for a local charity to allow children to participate in water sports.

Ray Standley said that the reunion, for him it was by far the best over the last 12 years. and had nothing but praise from Staff and customers at the Corner House for the ‘Minesweeping Crew’ the auction raised so far £1,500 which is the highest total to date.

BZ to all and next year is only 365 days away!

Please see photographs in Album section.

Last year we were unable to attend the 50th anniversary due to the pandemic; so this year all of us looked even more forward to celebrating its loss and meeting up. ‘

Shaun Keen


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  1. webmaster says:

    Sorry I missed that one. Maybe next year ;0)

  2. Taff Bow says:

    Good Company
    Good Dits
    Good Hospitality
    Good Rum
    Good Night!!!

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