Dixies Funeral Update

Dixies Funeral Update


I had hoped to give this update on receipt of the Funeral Directors order of services, however I am aware that many of you would like to know the details before the commencement of the weekend.

As you will have gathered through the response on social media, Dixie was held in high regard, throughout the MCM community not only by ex-serving personal but also those still serving who he continued to be involved with in his FPGO role.

Dixie will be having a Military funeral at Portchester Crematorium 1130 on Wed 30 September 2020.

The service will be held by our own MWA Bish, (Debbie Harvey)

Our Standard Bearer (Jan Harvey) and a RM Bugler will lead his funeral.

Uniformed Personnel will be provided by MCM 2 to line the route and form a Pall Bearing team.

I am sure you will all agree this is a fitting gesture for someone of such a stature within the MCM community.

On the day.

Only those in the service party(20) are allowed on the crematorium site. However they are content for any persons who want to pay their last respects to join alongside the uniformed personal in lining the route directly outside  of the Crematorium. ( Self Distancing Rules in force). This has been standard for funerals during the CV 19 restrictions.

Due to the current restrictions the wake will be for the family Group only.

The family have put no restrictions on flowers, but are equally happy for donations to be made to charity. It was Dixies wish that donations would be made to the MWA charity which this year is Cancer Research in support of many of our members who are currently going through this illness.

Links to the charity and also order of Service will be published by the FD shortly, This will also include a Live Link to the service itself.

While this is not the occasion one would want to be meeting up with you. I do hope to see some of you on the day as we pay our last respects to a fine shipmate, and friend. For those unable to join us, I hope the use of the Live Link will provide you with the opportunity to join us from a distance.

Once further details come out I shall pass them on.


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