HI all members, I hope this post finds you all still well and you are looking forward to coming out of these resrictions. Iam usr all of you like me are looking forward to getting back to some sir of normality.

I published a while back the intentions to hold this year’s AGM online again this year. It worked well last year and will hopefully do the same again until we can get back into a regular routine. I hope we can have this in place to do next month so watch out for details.

In putting this in place I am keen that we can where possible endorse people into vacant or soon to be vacant positions on the committe. So this is a trawl for some keen volunteers to help take the MWA forward into the future. Can I ask you all to dig deep and see what you can commit to, All posts are not overtly tasking, do not need specific skills although if you do have them it would be Beneficia. But what it does need is some dedication and commitment to keep the MWA running.

We Are now actively seeking volunteers for the following positions


No previous experience needed, but obviously being good with figures and eye for detail would be b enificial.


NO previous experience needed, but obviously knowledge of stock keeping, salesman skills etc would help.

Otherher roles you may also want to consider are


Do you have time to support Ronnie and Shaun with items of interest to build up our Website and Facebook accounts.


WE are in need of a Standard bearer to support Jan Harvey. again no experience needed as we would train up. My apologies to those who volunteered last year when the covid restriction sort of cancelled taking it forward.

The MWA now needs you to take a stepup onto the committee so we can keep the association moving forward. If you would like to put you name forward can I ask that you either respond to this e mail, contact me at or PM me direct if you have my details.

Thank you all in advance, Keep well everyone and I will contact you shortly with the AGM details.

Yours Aye,

Taff Reader


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  1. Philip Smith says:

    Thanks for the AGM update sorry that I can’t commit to any of the positions being in the middle of the country makes it difficult

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