Author: Peter Reader

Dixies Funeral Update

Gentlemen I had hoped to give this update on receipt of the Funeral Directors order of services, however I am aware that many of you would like to know the details before the commencement of the weekend. As you will have gathered through the response on social media, Dixie was held in high regard, throughout…
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Dixie Dean Funeral arrangements.

Gentlemen. I am sure that you were all as devastated as your Committee and I were at the sad news and early passing of our esteemed friend, colleague and recent  Minewarfare Association Chairman, DIXIE.  Whilst we were aware that he had been ill for some time, the suddenness of his demise still came as a…
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MWA 2020 Online AGM

Hello to you all, I hope this finds you all safe and well. As I mentioned in my last Chairman’s update, the Covid 19 lockdown caused the cancellation of a number of MWA events that were due to take place. Amongst them our Annual General Meeting (AGM). In the background I have been working with…
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