MWA YouTube Channel

MWA YouTube Channel

During the Covid-19 pandemic you may have spent some time browsing YouTube for interesting content. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe and hit the bell icon to get reminders when new content goes on there.

At the moment it’s a bit sparse, but that’s because it’s a fairly new project and we need the input from all members.

if you have a stack of photos or video that could be collected into a MWA related topic, then let the webmaster know and he can help get it into a video format and up on the channel.

likewise we can link to related content already on YouTube and add it to one of our playlists or even create a new playlist category if required. There are already a few videos linked in this way so why not check them out.

don’t forget to subscribe!

Check it out

Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification icon to get reminders and updates.

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