AGM Results Are In!


It gives me great pleasure to give you a post AGM report with the results of the voting and the comments received using the online voting forms. The AGM has I believe been a tremendous success which I am sure will be adopted by many associations and certainly a format we will consider for use in the future.

Firstly I would like to thank all of you that joined in this the first online AGM. We have had the best turnout of any AGM to date and in doing so we have reached a far wider audience than we would normally have expected at an AGM. I would also like to thank Ronnie for his hard work in putting the voting system in place. The comments received highlighted just how easy and effective it was to use.

I am under no illusion how difficult it will be for me to follow in the footsteps of Dixie, but I will do my best to do so and uphold the values of the MWA thank you for voting me in so unanimously. It is one of my long term aims to try and encourage a closer link with serving members after all they are the future of the MWA. So I would like to congratulate Sean Slee on his appointment as VC and the introduction of Joe Lyons as Southern Rep both uniformed members of the Minewarfare Branch and it will go a long way to achieving this. I shall look forward to working with Sean going forward, who will also continue as the Membership Sec until a suitable replacement can be elected.

It was good to see that several volunteers have put their names forward to be standard bearers. We will look at the feasibility of this and what training would need to be put in place. We will contact you if we can take this forward once lock down has been lifted.

Some of the votes concentrated on future re-unions and get together. I was pleased to see strong support for our next reunion to be in Portsmouth giving us an opportunity to visit the PV Monument. Also for the 1 in 5 reunions to be plan outside of the Portsmouth area from 2022 onwards. Polly Porter has already offered to coordinate the first one, so I expect this to be n