MWA’s own film star!

MWA’s own film star!

Many of you know and have met with Sam Cooke at one of our events in the past. But did you know about his film career?

Sam is currently filming as a Station Master for season two of Mallory towers, where the following pictures were taken.

The rig he is wearing is what He actually wears as a volunteer on the railway he usually works at, so the film company have saved a few bob on their costume department budget!

This is his fifth Movie/TV project. Previous ones are as follows:

THE TRENCH1914 war film where Sam plays a sergant and had to sing a song in the trench.
THE BALLAD OF LUCY SANDSA period drama film set in the early 1800’s.
PRESENCE OF LOVEA Netflix romantic drama.
MALLORY TOWERSTV Series (two) Currently in production.

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  1. Barry Neul says:

    BZ but beat him to it as I’m in Hope Gap (with MW association Blazer and tie!

  2. David (Jan) Pearcey says:

    Good to see Sam. You were missed at the check of the Sea defences recently. Absent in Malta. Jan

    • Brian (Sam) Cook says:

      hi jan
      sorry i missed you , had to make a very hard choice …malta or sea denfences , and you know who won….(out there again in 7 weeks) , ill catch up next time you over here cheers sam

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