Naval Working Party

It has been the webmaster’s desire for some time to operate out of Portugal at a more leisurely pace.

The first phase of this objective was to purchase some land on which to build a house.

Unfortunately during last year, serious forest fires meant some new laws in Portugal, which puts a responsibility on land owners to keep their rural properties within certain clearing constraints.

This fell at the worst possible time for the webbie, as he had recently undergone back surgery and broken his ankle just before meaning to travel out and clear the land!

MWA Oppo’s to the rescue!

So, two stalwarts of the MWA were chatting over a few beers, the idea was planted by Taff Bow to offer his services and to form a Naval Working Party (NWP)!  The opportunity arose when the Ronnie and taff’s ‘directors-of-operations’ both had leave that fell on the same dates. So the necessary arrangements were put into action.

Time to put the plan into action!

A suitable time was arranged to fly out to Lisbon, be collected and transported to base-camp. Base-camp being close friends of Netty