About the New Blazer Badge

About the New Blazer Badge

There has been some interest and comments about the new MWA blazer badge in discussions and on social media, so the committee thought it only right to explain their decision on producing a new design.

You will be pleased to hear that the design of the new badge is not too dissimilar from the version currently being used. Although, it was discovered on closer inspection of current designs that there were three slightly different versions being used, none of which were official MWA adopted.  All of these are acceptable and can still be used.

It was therefore decided to produce an official MWA Badge. The idea behind the new design was mainly driven by the MWA having been lucky enough to secure twenty places to march at the Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, which is quite a recognition, but also to formalize and adopt a design.

So, the idea of bringing in the new design predicated on all personnel marching under the same (officially adopted) blazer crest, felt like the right decision. The committee discussed the TV coverage of other associations and the positive feedback the committee received about this. We saw this as an opportunity to showcase our Association in the same light. This is why we asked those who wanted to march to do so under the new design crest.

The Royal British Legion have allowed the MWA to march for 2022 only, this is the driving factor of all marching under the same crest, the committee fully understand that rig will vary in colour, cut and style.

The crest would not only ensure we were looked the same for the requirements for the Cenotaph but for all events going forward. While it was hoped that all attending would want to conform to the new badge it is understood that some may have personal reasons for finding this difficult and therefore all wired badges with the association crest will be acceptable, although it would be preferred if we could all wear the new official MWA badge.

What will the Badge design be?

The committee have taken onboard some of the comments made on the FB site, in particular was the dislike to the badge being of an embroidery construction, we have therefore stayed with the metal design, with have added the words Mine Warfare Association below the crest. The outline is just to show the shape the badge will be when delivered.

MWA Blazer Badge Design

Where will the badge be made?

The badge will be produced using the same company as the original, Premier badges have designed the crest above and will produce them for the MWA.

When will stock be available to purchase on the MWA site?

Stock has been ordered through Premier Badges, as soon as they are delivered they will be available to purchase from the Sweepstore, priority for purchasing the badges will be given to those marching at the cenotaph in 2022.

3 Responses

  1. Paul Renouf says:

    Do we have anymore information on when they will be available?

  2. Brian (Sam) Cook says:

    i personally thought that the badge i purchased , was the approved one , as it was passed to me and others from the then chairman……i allso personally think this is rather like a storm in a teacup , ive been marching with the ton association since 1987 , and never had proplems like this , the two reasons i didn’t apply for a place , …. one ive have marched before ,… two im not buying a new badge just to march once a year if lucky

    • Ian Barden says:

      100% agree Sam – will be marching with the TCA again this year and wearing my existing MW Gold Wire badge as you me Jan and Topsy do every year. Real shame we dont get to march with the MWA for both your above stated reasons.

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