AGM Agenda 2022

AGM Agenda 2022


1. Intro ​​​

Gentlemen.  Welcome to what will be our third online interactive Minewarfare Association (MWA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

During the recent Covid pandemic and associated lockdown periods our Annual General Meetings were difficult to hold live so we utilised out website to hold an interactive event online. While this was very successful in endorsing our business and in some cases reaching out a wider and differing audience it also had its limitation in not targeting those that do not use online methods but who actively support the MWA during the year. 

It had been our aim for the 2022 AGM to be held live as part of the Annual reunion in Blackpool. However low attendance at the event did not make it a viable option. So once again this year we will hold the AGM online with our aim to include the 2023 AGM as part of the 2023 reunion.

Below is the proposed agenda for the AGM which will be published on the MWA Website during the week of 01 August 22. Please ensure you are in possession of your password and login details in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. If you have any queries, then please contact the Webmaster or Membership Sec for access. 

Further details on the AGM will be provided closer to the date. In the meantime, If you have an item to be included in any other business (AOB) or are interested in the Chairman’s Post then please contact me or a committee member by COP on 22 July 22 with the name of your proposer, Seconder and any supporting information.

1. Opening Address. ​​​Chairman.

2. Blessing. ​​​MWA Bish, 

3. Apologies​​​​Vice Chairman

Those Written Apologies received if unable to take part

4. Review of previous AGMinutes (2021)​​Vice Chairman​

5. Review of Outstanding Items.Vice Chairman

6. Election of Officers ​

 As announced in the 2022 Spring Letter the Chairman will be retiring on completion of this AGM (Aug 22) Therefore any member wishing to be considered should submit to the committee by 1600 on Fri 15 July the following details. Name of Nominee: Proposer for Nominee:Seconder for Nominee:Any information supporting the selection.  

7. Membership Secretary Report

    Report on Current Status of Membership:

8. Treasurers Report 

The MWA has three accounts, the main account securely holds the bulk of the association money, the main accounts are as follows;

The Mine Warfare Association

The Sweepstore fund

The Minewarfare Arboretum

As of the end of July the Mine Warfare Association Account has £7,706.18.

The Sweepstore fund currently sits at 1p, it is kept this low as it allows me to easily check if payments have been made for items in the Sweepstore, as soon as money clears into this account it is transfered to the main account.

The Arboretum account has £544.90 which is all donations towards the MK17 mine to be located at the National Arboretum. Some donations have come from the go fund me page, the rest has come from the raffle profits at the last MWA dinner.

Mine Warfare account


31.03.22 Membership fees £12

01.04.22 Membership fees x103 £1,236

04.04.22 Membership fees £12

05.04.22 Membership fees £12

08.04.22 Membership fees £12

03.05.22 Membership fees £24

01.06.22 Membership fees £12

01.06.22 Raffle from PO Cox £50

06.07.22 S.Store sales £10.20

18.07.22 Sales at dedication cerm £36

20.07.22 Sales at above £545.50

28.07.22 S.Store sales £12

Total Income Deposits £1973.70


29.03.22 Sweepstore £59.31

31.03.22 IT Website Fees £74.38

13 04 22 Autoprint (Vernon ded) £2185.80

19.04.22 Hargreves (Vernon ded) £223.21

19.04.22 IT fees £27.42

21.04.22 Hargreaves (Vernon) £101.77

11.07.22 TX to Arboretum acc £252.00

18.07.22 MWA site fees £59.99

Total Expence £2983.88

Opening Balance £8716.88

+ Income £1961.70

– Expenses £2983.88

= £7706.18

(which is what we have in the bank)

9. Sweepstore Report.

Update on Current State of Sweepstore 

10. Webmaster Report ​

Update on Website activity. 

11. Project Report ​

National Arboretum.

The MWA is raising money to locate a MK17 mine at the National Arboretum. With ground prep and transport the cost is estimated at £6000-£8000. The MK17 mine has already been sourced and will be delivered to HMS Collingwood over summer leave.

With the go fund me page and profits from the raffle at the last MWA dinner the total raised to date is £544.90.

12. MWA Facebook account update

Update on MWA Facebook site.

13. New Agenda Items

The following new Items are for consideration or for voting using the vote buttons attached.

Date and venue for 2022 Reunion.In line with the 5 Year Reunion Cycle agreed and incorporated in the constitution. It is intended to hold the following Reunions. The AGM’s unless otherwise published will be incorporated in these reunions.  2023 – Venue TBC (5 Yr. reunion) This will be a black-tie function Date and Venue- tbc 2024 – Venue Portsmouth Area Date and Venue tbc.Chairman

14. Any Other Business (AOB)

A comments box will be included for any items you would like to be considered for ongoing business or inclusion in the 22/ 23 year or for consideration at the next AGM

The request to march at the cenotaph under the MWA is now closed, due to a change of tasking some individuals are now unavailable to attend meaning there are six spaces still available for the MWA. If you would like to march with the MWA please send your email ASAP to

15. Closing Address:

A closing Address by the Chairman.

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  1. webmaster says:

    The AGM is now available until the 5th Aug. Members need to log in and then navigate from the ‘MWA Comms’ menu -> AGM 2022.
    If you have any issues logging in please do not hesitate to contact the webbie (

  2. Paul (Polly) Porter says:

    How do we log in for the AGM

  3. Jim Hawkins says:

    will we be getting the missing reports/updates?

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